Standing On A Wall
Standing On A Wall

A visual web design tool for designers

IT professionals, & enterprenuers

If you want to build beautiful, fast and functional websites without coding or worring about hosting and performance. Lesscode Prime is for you.

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Easy to learn and master. Easy to use



Content Management System

A visual content management system for your static websites. All the features you need to create,edit and maintain your website without coding. Everything is redndered into HTML before you upload, your website loads very fast.



Static Blogs, Shop & Bulk SMS

Build responsive static websites with blogs or static simple shops and accept payments online. Collect numbers on your website and send bulk sms right from your platform. All this without coding.



Export Code & Cloud Hosting

We have intergrated reliable , fast cloud hosting into lesscode. You can also export your html code and host wherever your want.

Build your websites offline wherever you are. With all the features tha tmake you work faster.

Affordable & simple pricing for everyone.

Affordable pricing for everyone. Select a package that is right for you. You can switch packages as you grow your business.

Build unlimited unlicensed websites as trial to help you learn how to use the software. You can not however build only one page. You can't publish, export or create more pages until you license the website.

510 GHS

Build 3 Unhosted Websites

Hosting and domain for is an extra 280 Per Website

Personal / Per Year

910 GHS

Build 10 Unhosted Websites

Domain and Hosting For is an extra 280 Per Website

Freelancer / Per Year

1990 GHS

Build 100 Unhosted Websites

Domain and Hosting is an extra 280 Per Website

Developer / Per Year

2590 GHS

Build 100 Hosted Websites

Free Hosting For Each Website

Per Month / Billed Yearly

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WINDOWS 7/8/10

Version 2.0.0 - Best if you use a machine with atleast 4GB Memory - 300MB

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MacOS 10

Version 1.60.0 - Best if you use a machine with atleast 4GB Memory - 300MB

Mac 64

One on one or group live training sessions

We offer corporate training classes - 13 Hours Practical Training

Learn to build websites with lesscode Prime

Getting Started - Basics

2 Hour Video Training For Lesscode 2.0 & 1.60


Build Your Blog In 3 Hours

3 Hours Of Video Training


Fast cloud hosting with SSL

380 GHS

10 GB Space . 20,000 Monthly Visits. Upto 80 Static Pages. 600 Form Submisions. Free SSL and free .com domain for the first year.

480 GHS

10 GB Space. 100,000 Monthly Visits. Upto 100 Pages. 1000 Form Submissions.Free SSL and free .com Domain for the first year

580 GHS

Unimited Space . 1000,000 monthly visits. Upto 100 Pages Unlimited Form Submissions. Free SSL and free .com Domain for the first year.

You can export your websites and host wherever you want. You will loose the Blog , shop and form proccessing functionality. You will get a responsive static website

Frequently asked questions.



Do you offer refunds?

We donot offer refunds at the moment. That's why we have an extended trial version. If there are special circumstances let our support team know.



Can I upgrade?

Yes. You can upgrade your package from one version to the next.



Can I Export My Site?

Yes. You can export your website and host it wherever you want but you will loose certain features like blog , shop and form functionality



How our license works

Each person that uses the application requires a license. An exception is made for family members. So clients who want to manage their website themselves will need a license. Companies will also need a company license for each staff member that will use the application.

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