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Cloud Hosting

Hosting and domain registration is intergrated into your system. One click hassle-free hosting. No gimmicks. You can export your static websites and host wherever you like.


Content Editing

You have an intergrated Content Management System that makes it easy to update and maintain the websites you build with lesscode yourself or for your clients.


Design Packs

You can pack sections styles you create and reuse in other projects. You aslo have access to design packs created by the community to help you work faster when you need to.


Desktop Apps

Bundle your projects into desktop apps for windows machines. Best for profjects targeting specific audiences like digital brochures, Magazines and HTML5 Games


Mobile Apps

Specifically create content for your mobile applications with lesscode prime. Bundle your apps for your phone and upload to the app store with push nofications intergrated.


Web Apps

Build SPAs and progressive web apps that tackle and solve issues you care about without coding. Cloud hosted, managed and updated. Just focus on building your idea.

Create web apps & pwas that can be packed for the app store.


Rich SPAs

Create functional single page applications and progressive web apps that are responsive and hosted on the fast , responsive and scalable cloud servers.


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